"...I'm a VERY GOOD PT but I have a feeling my business it's not looking the way I want it to…"

My passion is to provide intervention for anyone feeling challenged with the accounts and financial side of his personal or business practice.  At P&L Accounting we don't use a template or a one formula fits all.  We believe that this is a bad practice which accelerates financial negative scalability or in your terms "Runner's Knee" or PFPS of your accounts!

All personal trainers provide valuable services to the community and are influencing at a non-quantitive measure to peoples quality of live. However each one of you is unique and different when it comes to your financial goals and circumstances.

Hagar Lipa Accountant Melbourne P&L Accounting

Hagar Lipa, IPA,
MA Accounting
Direct: 0433436 206
Email: hagar.lipa@pnl.net.au

In todays market conditions we identified that Personal Trainers professionals are confused as to who is the right accounting firm they should work with in order to achieve their short and long term financial goals.  

Many accounting firms out there are promoting their special packages and leverage buzz words to try and attract more and more customers. While there are commonalities in the scene and landscape amongst the audience we believe that it is about a comprehensive personalised financial strategy.

Financial Scalability - The potential for a business/individual to continue to function effectively as its size/work increases.

Working closely with you we can ensure that we will eliminate any negative scalability that numerous professionals experienced from being served by the one the "one formula fits all trainers" - as their career, business and income grew they got disconnected from the initial goals they set to themselves.

When did you last ask for a Workout Plan of your financial strategy and operations? 

We understand the unique and challenging circumstances of your profession and the opportunities available to you. That means we can help you put the right structure in place to ensure your return on your efforts will meet and exceed your shot and long term financial goals. Your profession and daily routine are demanding, you are required to put your focus and attention in building your career while benefiting the community. This is where we add value! whether you are already well into a career or about to embark your journey, we can review your current structure, goals and understand how you measure success to ensure you will be maximising the available the monetary benefits of the opportunities.

P&L Accounting provides quarterly financial diagnoses and works with you to tune your finance along with your goals and careers. Life is unexpected, circumstances change all the time - the secret is to be aware of the risk of financial negative scalability and ensure we always align our strategy with our goals.

Our services are discrete, professional and personal - just like you provide to your customers - I invite you to call me today.